VenueSafe has been acquired by Mr Yum - read more 🎉

Frequently Asked Questions

Mr Yum Acquisition FAQ

I have been paying monthly to use the VenueSafe platform. What happens when VenueSafe is disabled?

You will not be billed any further.

I have paid for 12 months use of the VenueSafe platform. What happens when VenueSafe is disabled?

Please contact us to receive a pro-rata discounted refund.

Is Mr Yum free?

Mr Yum’s guest check in feature is completely free. They also offer free visual menus. Beyond that, you can set up dine in, pickup or delivery ordering through Mr Yum. This functionality is not free, however venues don’t typically see it as a cost due to the huge ROI it creates. Plus we managed to secure you a lower price forever, simply register here.

Now that NSW venues are required to use the Government QR Code platform, can I use Mr Yum?

Absolutely! Hundreds of leading cafes, restaurants and pubs in NSW already use Mr Yum ‘s digital menu for online ordering. You can use it for in-venue QR ordering, or for pickup and delivery. This page will explain it all!

What happens to my Venue’s check-in data?

You can export your data through VenueSafe until 30 April 2021. The VenueSafe platform will be discontinued on 30 April 2021 and on this date your Venue's check-in data will be systematically erased.

Is Mr Yum compliant with the Victorian Government mandated API integration requirement?

The government has mandated private contact tracing platforms be integrated with their API system. From 27 March onward, VenueSafe will no longer be compliant with the Victorian Government’s directions. The good news is that Mr Yum is fully compliant with the Victorian Government's directions and already have this API integrated.

Vendor FAQ

Is an application download necessary?

No. Using our secure, simple and efficient web-based platform, your guests can check-in effortlessly.VenueSafe

Why VenueSafe?

VenueSafe will have your forms running immediately. We offer superior form building capabilities with the easiest user interface. You can utilise VenueSafe to ask customers, employees and patrons whatever questions you desire, whilst maintaining all your data from our easy-to-use venue dashboard. We also generate custom QR codes!

How do I view and access my check-ins?

By signing in to your account you are taken to your business's dashboard. Once you have created your first form, you can select the form from the dashboard to view and access your check-ins. You can also export these check-ins.

How can I protect the privacy of my customers’ data?

You should keep your VenueSafe account details secure. If you choose to download your Customer Records, this should also be kept confidential and secure.

Is the data collected secure and encrypted?

VenueSafe utilises Amazon Web Services and SSL Secure Submissions to ensure data is kept secure and encrypted.

Customer FAQ

Does this app use location services or track my customers?

VenueSafe records the date and time a customer checks-in to a particular Venue. The location of the customer before or after this instance is not recorded.

How do I check in to a venue?

Simply open your device's camera, hover over the QR code and a link will appear. Select this link, fill in the details and we take care of the rest.

How it works

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Create your user account

Get started by creating your user account. You can create, edit and delete your forms, generate custom QR codes, view insightful analytics, export your data and do much more from here.

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Build your first form

Build your custom form. You can choose whether to make fields optional or compulsory, drop down or check-box, date or time and so much more.

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Publish your form and you are ready to go

When you have finished building your form, you can print out your custom QR code and share your form URL around to allow others to start filling! You can look at your responses from the form dashboard and head over to your analytics page to view trends.