Frequently Asked Questions

Vendor FAQ

Is an application download necessary?

No. Using our secure, simple and efficient web-based platform, your guests can check-in effortlessly.VenueSafe

Why VenueSafe?

VenueSafe will have your forms running immediately. We offer superior form building capabilities with the easiest user interface. You can utilise VenueSafe to ask customers, employees and patrons whatever questions you desire, whilst maintaining all your data from our easy-to-use venue dashboard. We also generate custom QR codes!

How do I view and access my check-ins?

By signing in to your account you are taken to your business's dashboard. Once you have created your first form, you can select the form from the dashboard to view and access your check-ins. You can also export these check-ins.

How do I sign up?

Create an Account and instantly print your custom QR code. That’s it! You are now ready to go!

If I have a large business with a number of locations, do I need to register each one?

Yes. VenueSafe does not use location services and as such, in the event of a confirmed Covid-19 case, a single form can not distinguish which patrons are close contacts between numerous location.

Do I need to provide wifi to my customers?

No. In the event that some customers cannot sign in, for whatever reason (e.g. don't have internet access), users may manually enter customer check-ins through the Form Dashboard.

How can I protect the privacy of my customers’ data?

You should keep your VenueSafe account details secure. If you choose to download your Customer Records, this should also be kept confidential and secure.

Is the data collected secure and encrypted?

VenueSafe utilises Amazon Web Services and SSL Secure Submissions to ensure data is kept secure and encrypted.

Customer FAQ

Does this app use location services or track my customers?

VenueSafe records the date and time a customer checks-in to a particular Venue. The location of the customer before or after this instance is not recorded.

How do I check in to a venue?

Simply open your device's camera, hover over the QR code and a link will appear. Select this link, fill in the details and we take care of the rest.

Can I remove my data from your system?

Data must be kept for 28 days for the venue operator to meet legal compliance requirements. After 28 days, you can request VenueSafe to delete your data. After this period, to remove your data from the system email us at the name and mobile number you entered on a VenueSafe form. We will manually delete it from the system.